The BLU Notebook Mini
The BLU Notebook Mini
The BLU Notebook Mini
The BLU Notebook Mini
The BLU Notebook Mini

The BLU Notebook Mini

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The BLU Notebook Mini is made from pages that have the look and feel of traditional blueprint paper (Without the smell of Ammonia!). The BLU Mini offers an aesthetically pleasing and soothing effect when using vibrantly pigmented white and coloured gel ink against the rich blue pages of the BLU Mini.

✔ Easily throw the BLU Mini into your purse, bag or pocket.
✔ Bring BLU Mini into the field to sketch your most important notes. 
✔ Be quick on the draw with the BLU Mini when inspiration strikes. 
✔ All the awesomeness of the BLU Notebook in a compact 5x7 format! 

To achieve the blueprint look, we recommend using BLU with opaque white or bright coloured gel/paint pens. However, standard ballpoint pens and other writing instruments work well on the pages of BLU. 

The BLU notebook features a rich blue coloured page with a 10:1” grid within a finer 2:1" grid. The grid provides for multiple scaling options and is not so overpowering as to distract from your designs.

The Pages of BLU

  • Blue pages with a light blue grid
  • 10:1” grid within a finer 2:1 grid
  • 160m text / 4 points of thickness
  • Smooth finish with a velvet feel
  • FSC & SFI Certified Paper
  • Acid Free
The BLU Notebook
  • Dimensions 5” X 7”
  • 50 Pages
  • Flexible cardboard cover for easy manoeuvrability
  • Spiral Binding with tear sheets
  • Flat lay